all I have is time

I want to believe in love. I want to believe someone out there is willing to see every damaged piece of me and still wake up alongside me.

However, that can wait. Can’t it?

I want Rome and Portland, I want Stratford and so many other places. I want to discover every inch of me before introducing myself to them.

I want shitty apartments and tattoos I’ll regret. I want a certain kind freedom I’ve been yearning for since my heart discovered loneliness.

I want to pick myself up, dammit, I deserve to save myself. I want, just once, to decide that I am worth saving.

besides, I think people are eternal, their laughs and secrets are locked in every sunset and cloud. Our dreams hang on the branches of every tree, memories scattered along with the rain.

So let me have this, let me have this, let my heart latch on to a city and couch before a person.

It is all I ask.

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