Since you asked about love

love is easy, letting them touch my skin, letting them feed me empty promises is easy. The chase makes me feel lethal and it is the only time I feel powerful. I suppose love is power…right?he calls me baby and in that moment every inch of me belongs to him. Falling is fun, the consequences come when you try to forget him. It is unlearning the small details, it is learning to be comfortable without their presence. My stomach is in knots, if he had stayed we would be laughing at one of my awful jokes. It is impossible to train the heart to be content alone. Letting him devour me did not terrify me, however, when he decided he was hungry for something else it left me cold. What terrifies me is feelings change without a warning. I still have all their numbers saved. Hope does not die as fast as our love did. Hope makes me a fool, every fucken time.



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