the truth about love

We’ve gotten so good at excuses. We’ve gotten so good at believing love can taste vile and deceitful.

I wonder when love got so complicated? We let bad lovers convince us this is more than enough, this is exactly what we asked for.

Remember when love was stolen kisses and backs against lockers? Remember when taking a risk meant holding your hand?

Now here we are convinced loyalty is a privilege we oughta earn. Here we are convinced walking away is a crime.

Remember when you laughed at all my bad jokes? Remember when love was innocent? Virginity and blue skies.

Did you think having a heart would come back to bite you? Here you are convinced being hurt is all you can get.

I hope you know, love is bright, it is warm and you never feel empty or hungry, it’s so inviting. It’s nourishing and their name is the puzzle piece you never stopped looking for.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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